Building the “SIRI” floor lamp

Building the “SIRI” floor lamp.

I wanted to build a floor lamp, with a slim design, to compliment the other oak furniture pieces I have made for the living room.

My wife picked out a lampshade, and I started the design from the size of this.

I wanted a 3-leg lamp, and also decided to have the legs tapered.

I started with some more of the off cut oak counter top pieces I had laying around, and made 3 square legs measuring approx 26 mm x 26 mm wide, and made them 1280 mm long, (Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the legs being made)

The legs where then tapered on 3 sides, on the table saw, starting 100 mm from the top of the leg end, and ended up in a 12 mm x 12 mm square in the bottom.

Some fine tuning with a hand plane was satisfying.

I wanted to prevent the power cord from hanging down the center, and  decided to conceal it in one of the legs.

I started by routing a channel in one of them.

A strip of wood was glued in to the groove.

It was then planed down even to the surface of the leg, to hide the joint.

The hub of the lamp was made from more glued up cut offs from the counter top.

I cut it into this 6 sided piece on the table saw.

The hub was center drilled from the top, almost all the way to the bottom.

From the side, where the leg with the power cord was going to be installed, I drilled a horizontal hole to meet up with the center drilled hole.

That way I could feed the cable, coming from the leg channel,  through the hub and up into the bulb fixture.

The 3 legs was spaced equally, and pre drilled and countersunk for hidden screws.

I treated all the edges of the wood with a small 45 degree chamfer.

Later I plugged these holes and sanded them flush.

Here is a couple of shots of the finished lamp,before the finish is applied.


And then after a couple of coats of tung oil.

And finally a closeup of the concealed power cord in the leg.

Since all lamps seem to get names in the stores, I figured this one had to be named “SIRI” (sounds pretty Norwegian at least)