Building The Adirondack Chair

I like the look of the adirondack chair, it has such a relaxing design, and great seating comfort.

I found some old blueprints online, and made a gridpaper for the full size templates to be able to make multiples.

Another interesting test was that, at the time I had pretty much unlimited access to 18 mm marine grade baltic birch cover sheets, that had at least 1 flawless side. I decided to give it a shot.

The templates was cut from 9mm batic birch plywood, and I used a flush trim bit. Unfortunately I did not get any footage of the process.

Here you can see some of the parts cut and rounded over.

The base of the chair is set and are ready for the slats.

I tried making as many assembly jigs as posssible for all mounting parts, but as my access to the plywood ceased, I have not gotten any use out of it.

This one it to locate the correct fixing height for the armrest at the back.

Ad this one is to locate the armrest position in the front, and its side support.

Mad a pair first, and also made a curved ottoman, for the leg rest, along with a small table to compliment the set.

The parts where glued and screwed with stainless steel deckscrews, along with galvanized carriage bolts.

On the armrests, I plugged the screw holes for a smoother surface.

Then it was off to prime and paint. 1 layer of primer and 3 layers of waterbased outdoor paint. HVLP sprayer and sanding between coats. If I was to do it again, I would tape of the parts that was to be glued and sprayed before assembly. It was very challenging to get an even spray between the slat and not put on to much on the rest.

However I think they came out great…..just wish the had ended up on my porch, but unfortunately they did not….