Parallel Clamp Plans

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Get yourself a set of these plans, and build some parallel clamps.

They are made from some hardwood, plywood, steel pipe, a threaded rod ,and a small steel plate for a brake

You can see the clamps being built in this video.

So why not buy a set of PDF plans for this Parallel Clamp (Instant download)?

PS! Information about payment and what our plans typically looks like can be found here.


1 review for Parallel Clamp Plans

  1. Timothy Barrington

    Amazing clamps, fantastic idea I love these, made 10!
    I have to say though that the plans are pretty bad dude, very unclear with too many numbers crammed together and the part names are not consistent (headstock, tailstock, slider front etc.) making for a bit of a puzzle despite the simple build. You should change these or just remove them as they make a beautifully simple build unnecessarily confusing. Now anyone with patience can figure them out easy enough I just don’t see why you didn’t just tidy them up before putting them out into the world after all the work that went into these? I would have been happy paying 10-15$ for these if they were clearer! Great clamps, huge money saver, plans are not ready

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