Automated Pimped Routertable

I built my third router table with all the bells and whistles I had missed on the previous versions, during my years of woodworking.

This build included some automation, but the biggest improvement ( in my opinion) is the flip up trimmers.

*Video in the bottom of the post!*

The Flip up trimmers are frequently used for quick edge treatment.

The router lift is built from an old sliding unit for a pneumatic cylinder.
Driven by an old cordless drill hooked up to an acme thread via belt and pulley setup

Custom bracket to fit a butchered 3hp plunging router.

A 6″ DRO for height measurement installed.

To lock the spindle when changing router bits, I added a pneumatic cylinder to press the spindle locking knob.

The lift can be lowered or raised either push buttons on the panel, or these two foot activated switches.

I wanted the control panel to have sort of an 80`s look and feel to it, so i designed it kinda retro, and engraved it on my cnc.

BUT the best part is the flip up trimmers, that has a roundover bit on one table, and a chamfer bit on the second.
These are great for quick edge treatment, instead of constantly having to switch bit in the main router.

If you want to see all of its features, and how i setup the automation on it.
Take a look at the video below: