Floating Entertainment Shelf

When remodeling the living room, I figured I would try to make the entertainment station a little less cluttered.

So the slat wall was designed to take a floating shelf with cable management hidden in the wall.

This is the result, and if you keep on reading I will explain the process

I had gotten hold of some 18mm birch plywood that I figured I would veneer with some quartersawn oak.

I started prepping the plywood, as it had some voids that needed to be filled and sanded.

Then it was time for veneering. I do not have very much experience on this, but I built a bag for vacuumpressing, and it is super easy to get a good result. If you are interested in seeing how i built it, I made a YouTube video on it that you can watch, if you feel like.

The Plywood are veneered on both sides, and all parts are glued and pressed in one go. I used a meshed mat to make sure the bag empties evenly.

Before veneering I glued a strip of solid oak to the long side edge. This was done so that I could make a large chamfer on the edge, for esthetic reasons.

Then it was time for glue up. Strap clamps and mitered corners made it pretty straight forward.

Some dividers was installed to prevent sagging, as the unit was close to 1500mm long, and also to separate the cavities for the speakers on each end and the center room for the electronics.

All the outlets was placed so that it would fit inside the center cavity, and the cables for the wall hung TV was routed through a 50mm pipe inside the wall. This eliminates any cable management between wall hung console and TV unit.

To hide the electronics in the center and give the console a cleaner look, a frame with the same fabric as on the speakers was made, and it snaps in place with some neodyme magnets.

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  1. Somehow stumbled upon this website as I was searching for woodworking classes in Bellevue area. Amazed by your creativity and work of art!

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